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Aretusa Bucciato

Aretusa Bucciato

Decorative plastic coating with a “Mediterranean rustic-style” peel effect

ARETUSA BUCCIATO is a protective and decorative plastic coating with a “Mediterranean rustic-style” peel effect of medium thickness. It can be used both inside and outside, unalterable over time in appearance and color, with perfect adherence to any type of support


ARETUSA BUCCIATO is a protective and decorative acrylic wall covering with a “Mediterranean orange peel effect”. It has an
excellent adhesion to surfaces, excellent resistance to weathering, washing, abrasion, low retention of dirt, and colour stability even
on surfaces exposed to weather and light radiation.

ARETUSA BUCCIATO is made up of acrylic resins in emulsion, siliceous inert particles, selected marble granules, inorganic
pigments, and specific additives. It is used to protect and decorate lime or cement-based plaster and concrete. Thanks to its wellbalanced
formulation, to its easiness of application and traditional aesthetic effect, it’s used to decorate and restore new and old

The walls must be seasoned and dry, free from dust and dirt, oil, vegetable colonies, evidence of salts, residual of working. Walls not
perfectly anchored must be brushed and cleaned. Very absorbent surfaces or with significant differences in absorption, or crumbly
plaster must be wetted with ACRIL PRIMER, insulator acrylic fixer, or with IDROFIX DM 50, consolidating fixative. In the case of
not friable plasters is sufficient to isolate with a coat of MICRON PAINT or PITTURA AL QUARZO. This product must be applied
following the instructions carefully using a wool roll, followed by a sponge roll.