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Beton Protex

Beton Protex

Protecting paint for concrete.

BETON PROTEX is made of acrylic resins in aqueous solution, covering fillers, inorganic pigments, bactericides and specific additives. It is suitable for standardizing and protecting concrete and reinforced concrete products from atmospheric agents. It protects the concrete structures from the effects of carbonation, developing an excellent resistance to the penetration of CO2 and other acid substances (SO2) present in the atmosphere. The use of BETON PROTEX has the purpose to standardize the mottled concretes without altering their characteristics and to protect them from atmospheric aggressions and polluting agents.


BETON PROTEX is a special high penetration-regularizing protector for concrete. It protects concrete structures from the effects of
carbonation, develops excellent resistance to penetration of CO2
and other acid substances (SO2
) that are present in atmosphere.
BETON PROTEX is used to regularize patchy concrete without changing its characteristics, and to protect it from atmospheric and
polluting agents. It’s doesn’t deteriorate over time and is highly water-resistant.

BETON PROTEX is made up of acrylic resins in emulsion, siliceous inert particles, selected marble granules, inorganic pigments,
and specific additives. It is used to protect all concrete works and reinforced concrete from the atmospheric agents.

The walls must be seasoned and dry, free from dust and dirt, oil, vegetable colonies, evidence of salts, residual of working. Walls not
perfectly anchored must be brushed and cleaned. Very absorbent surfaces or with significant differences in absorption, or crumbly
plaster must be wetted with ACRIL PRIMER, insulator acrylic fixer, or with IDROFIX DM 50, consolidating fixative. BETON
PROTEX can be applied with a brush, a woollen roll or a spray. The first coat should be diluted with 35% of water, while the second
with 25%. A 24 hours break is recommended between the two coats. Any equipment should be washed immediately after use.