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Monocomponent cement based adhesive and smoothing for use in ETICS

LEGOTHERM is a powdered premixed cement based adhesive and a smoothing coat for indoor and outdoor use. In the installation of external thermal insulation systems, LEGOTHERM may to be used to attach thermal-insulating panels and as a finish coat; it may also serve as a finish coat over uneven surfaces. LEGOTHERM contains silica sand, selected inert ingredient verified fo uniform grain size, powdered polymer binders and specific additives.


LEGOCEM is a two component cementitious mortar for indoors and outdoors that can be used as levelling product for irregular
surfaces and also for bonding and levelling thermal insulating panels in THERMODITAN heat insulating system. It’s available in
two versions, FINE and BIG size.

LEGOCEM is made up of special polymeric binders in water emulsion, siliceous inert particles, selected marble granules and
specific additives. It is used for bonding, levelling and smoothing of thermal insulating panels with embedded fiber glass reinforcing
mesh, such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), rock wool, glass wool, cork, insulating panels for walls and ceilings directly onto plaster,
concrete and cement blocks. After mixing with cement it forms a very adhesive, thixotropic mortar that can be used on external and
internal walls (THERMODITAN system). It’s also used for levelling irregular surfaces.

The walls must be seasoned and dry, free from dust and dirt, oil, vegetable colonies, evidence of salts, residual of working. Walls not
perfectly anchored must be brushed and cleaned. Very absorbent surfaces or with significant differences in absorption, or crumbly
plaster must be wetted with ACRIL PRIMER, insulator acrylic fixer, or with IDROFIX DM 50, consolidating fixative. Wait alt least
28 days from the time in which the plaster is applied. LEGOCEM must be mixed with Cement II/A-LL 32.5 at a ratio of 1:1 by
weight. The product must be prepared immediately before use and is applied using a stainless steel trowel. If used for
THERMODITAN system it must be placed by dots or strings over the insulating panels.