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Micro Silox

Micro Silox

Siloxane paint based on colloidal silica

MICRO SILOX is an innovative colored paint based on stabilized colloidal silica and an acrylic / siloxane structure. It is a special transpiring paint, with a matte – velvety appearance indicated for the finishing of facades of new and old buildings for internal and external uses. Its chemical composition ensures excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, in particular against meteoric water, thus preventing possible formation of colonies of plant organisms, such as molds, moss or algae. Since it does not alter the natural water vapor permeability of the treated media, it actively participates in an “exchange” with the surrounding environment. It has an excellent power anchoring on any surface, unalterable over time for appearance and colors, with excellent resistance to
light and weathering and characterized by low moisture absorption.


MICRO SILOX is an innovative, very thin, coloured wall covering, based on stabilized colloidal silica and acryl/siloxanic binders.
It’s a special breathable, matt-velvet paint used as a finishing coat for indoors and outdoors, and also as a coloured undercoat for
siloxanic wall coverings. Its chemical composition provides an excellent weather resistance, especially to the meteoric water,
preventing the possible formation of vegetable organisms such as mildew or algae. Because it doesn’t change the natural water
vapour permeability of the treated surfaces, MICRO SILOX acts in an active “exchange” with the environment. It adheres perfectly
to any surface, is unalterable for appearance and colours, has an excellent light and weather resistance and it’s also characterized by
low moisture absorption.

MICRO SILOX is made up of acrylic – siloxanic resins in water dispersion, stabilized colloidal silica, photo resistant pigments,
selected particles, anti bacterial agents and specific additives. It can be used on any lime-based or cement-based surfaces, treated first
if necessary. Thanks to its well-balanced formulation, to its easiness of application and traditional aesthetic effect, it’s used to
decorate and restore new and old buildings. It’s also used as coloured silicate undercoat before applying layered finishing materials
from silicate range. In this way it evens the absorption of surfaces and begins the silicatisation reaction.

The walls must be cured and dry, free from dirt and dust. Any traces of oils, waxes, efflorescence, grease, etc must be opportunely
removed. Brush and remove any residual of working or not well attached structures. It is recommended applying a coat of insulator
like SILOX PRIMER on old and new surfaces. If the product is applied to old, crumbly or very absorbent plaster, is necessary apply
a coat of IDROFIX DM50, consolidating fixative. MICRO SILOX can be applied using a brush a roll or a spray in two coats. The
first coat must be diluted with 30 % water while the second with 20 %.