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Washable water paint for interiors and exteriors

NATURELLA is a washable water-based paint for interiors and exteriors with a remarkable ability to adhere to any kind of support. It is characterized by an excellent degree of coverage, high white point, brushability and yield.


NATURELLA is a washable, water based paint with an excellent coating properties, yield and white base. It adheres perfectly to any
surface. It’s suitable for internal and external applications.

NATURELLA is made up of quality polymeric binders in watery emulsion, micronized charged particles, fungicide and specific
additives. It may be used on all surfaces like lime or cement based plaster, plasterboard and concrete. It is recommended for the
painting of facades of old and new buildings.

New facades:
The walls will have to be seasoned and dry, free from powder and dirt. Any traces of oils, waxes, grease, etc must be opportunely
removed. Brush and remove any residual of working. Fix and isolate the imperfections of walls. Wait at least 28 days after applying
plaster. Very absorbent surfaces or with significant differences in absorption, crumbly plasters must be preventively treated with
ACRIL PRIMER, acrylic insulator, or with IDROFIX DM 50, consolidating fixative. Then apply two or more coats of
NATURELLA by roller, brush or spray. The first coat goes diluted with 40% of water, the second one with 30%.
Old weathered surfaces:
Walls just painted with paintings firmly attached to the substrates must be properly clean, removing residual of powder, dirt, oils,
waxes, fats, etc. Subsequently consolidate walls with ACRIL PRIMER or with IDROFIX DM 50. Apply paintings only after
complete drying of treated surfaces. If walls are painted with paintings not firmly attached to supports is necessary to brush, scrap or
strip of the parts to remove. Finish the job with consolidation and painting.