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Cement based smoothing in powdered form.

RASOFLAT is a cement based mortar based on inert carbonates and quartz sands with controlled granulometry, polymeric powder binders, specific additives and short synthetic fibers. The simultaneous presence of mineral and polymeric binders, inorganic fillers and reinforcing fibers develops a positive synergy that increases the mechanical properties of the product. It is used for the civil shaving of fresh plaster, in malta bastarda or premixed to be applied with the techniques of “fresh on fresh” or “fresh on seasoned”, and for the smoothing shave of the small irregularities present on cement plasters. Do not apply on gypsum-based substrates, plastic coatings, paints or non-absorbent substrates, substrates subject to rising damp. Do not use to uniform supports with irregularities greater than 4 mm. After application and complete maturation, it is the ideal support for synthetic and mineral paints and coatings. Cement based skim powder. EN 998-1 GP-CS IV


RASOFLAT is fibre-reinforced, single-component, breathable smoothing cementitious coat in powder for indoor and outdoor uses.
It’s characterized by high adhesion to the materials normally used in building, excellent workability, easiness of working, high
thixotropic. It’s available in three versions, FINE, MEDIUM and BIG size. Supplied in gray or white.

RASOFLAT is based on high quality cement, siliceous inert particles, selected marble granules, powdered polymeric binders, short
synthetic fibers and special additives. The presence of polymer resins, fillers and reinforcing fibers develops a positive synergy that
increases the mechanical properties of the product. RASOFLAT is used as standard finish coat for fresh plaster, cement – lime mortar
or pre-mixed products. For the application use the “fresh on fresh” or the “fresh on cured” technique.
It’s also used as smoothing and levelling finish coat for the creation of uniform surfaces over cement-based plasters. Don’t apply to
gypsum based plaster, plastic coatings, paints or surfaces subject to rising damp. Don’t use for levelling substrates with irregularities
greater than 4 mm. When cured is the perfect support for synthetic and minerals paints and coatings.

Surfaces where the product is to be used must be well-cured, solid, firmly anchored and oil free with no unstable or crumbling areas.
Scrub and remove any residual of working. Wet with water concrete or porous plaster surfaces until they are completely saturated.
Before applying RASOFLAT allow any remaining surface water to evaporate.
For every 25 Kg of RASOFLAT add 23 – 26% by weight of clean water. Mix with a low-rpm mechanical mortar and plaster mixer
until a completely homogeneous mixture is obtained. Before applying, allow product to stand for at least five minutes and then
remix. Apply a maximum 3 mm thick layer of mortar per coat with a metal trowel. Apply a second layer with the same trowel and
finish with a sponge one.