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Eurostat, the Agency of EU statistics, confirms the negative trend of our country regarding investments in R&D which in 2016 represented 1.30% of GDP while other countries in Europe showed greater attention and therefore higher investments. Every year Ditan Color invests about 18.0% of its annual turnover for Research and Development, placing itself as a reference reality in the building sector. Basic research, applied research and experimental development are the driving force behind corporate competitiveness. The success of R&D is the commercialization of the results of laboratory activities through sector studies, often long and laborious research and planning. A network of important collaborations with accredited laboratories and with some of the most prestigious universities in Italy guarantees DITAN COLOR access to the most advanced know-how. R&D laboratories are able to perform advanced tests such as the study of damage caused by the effects of electromagnetic radiation on materials. Thanks to a Weather Simulation Chamber the Ditan Color (unique in Southern Italy) reproduces in a few days the damage caused by full-spectrum sunlight and rain that occurs over months or years outdoor, evaluating parameters such as light fastness, colour resistance, photo-stability and weather resistance. A product exposed outdoors to direct sunlight experiences maximum light intensity for only a few hours each day. The Weather Simulation Chamber can subject test specimens to the equivalent of noon summer sunlight for 24 hours a day, every day. Consequently, specimen degradation can be highly accelerated. Other advanced tests are the determination of compressive strength and elastic deformation of all types of mineral mortar, rocks, cement and concrete section.

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