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DITAN COLOR was founded in 1988 in Palazzolo Acreide (Sicily) in a UNESCO heritage town. The company occupies an area of over 25,000 square meters and has two plants. Ditan Color has always been dynamic in the sector of decorative and protective coatings for facades and water-based paints. Important structural and organizational operations, a meticulous study of materials and new technologies, a particular attention to innovation respecting tradition have contributed to building and consolidating the Ditan Color brand. In 2010 a second plant for the production of premix powder was opened using the latest automation technologies. The resources allocated to research and development of new technologies are important; approach that derives from the renewed trust in the world of research applied to materials and training in order to anticipate the needs of the market and designers. Two equipped chemical laboratories guarantee the quality of the products, of the raw materials used and of the entire production cycle. Ditan Color has developed a capillary sales network to be close to the needs of customers by providing them with an appreciated technical assistance service and commercial services management. The presence of Ditan Color products in some international countries is evidence of the desire for expansion and growth, and the pride of exporting a methodology of craftsmanship recognized as “made in Italy”.

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